What's Left Behind

by This Wild Heart

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Within the soul of recorded music is a massive implied space- though there are no notable physical confines to the listening experience, within the music itself there are mountains, stadiums, and the tiniest spaces imaginable. It is significant, in this vein, that Brett Pongratz' newest release, his first since the end of his college rock band Liberty Hall Collective and also the first under his new project This Wild Heart, is simultaneously his more spare and most affecting work to date. Stripped of the pop instrumentation that marked his earlier work, only simple piano and Pongratz' direct and deeply intense voice demands the audience's attention, bringing to light the underlying songwriting chops that have always been at the bedrock of Pongratz' work.

From the labyrinthine mystery of "Seasons" to the bright sun evident in the pop hymn "She's Not Gonna Go", this EP brings to light the fascinating layers of beauty and brashness that can truly be revealed in this stripped-down setting. In This Wild Heart, Pongratz has found an antidote to the rush and anxiousness that surrounds today's pop songwriting. In the smallest spaces, This Wild Heart discovers something enormous, and begins just a small sample of its exploration, a journey that, though it can be taken alone, is all the better with someone by their side.


released February 28, 2017

Music and lyrics by: Brett Pongratz
Audio recorded by: Brett Pongratz and Myckeal Rake
Mixing by: Joseph Pietz
Mastering by: Austin Ebner at Gator Pit Studios



all rights reserved


This Wild Heart Los Angeles, California

This Wild Heart is a piano pop artist from the Midwest. This Wild Heart is similar to James Bay, Ben Folds, and Mayday Parade.

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Track Name: Seasons
We were sixteen going on old enough
to think we knew the world.
With your red lips, alcohol, and cigarettes
we were damn near invincible

We were too young to notice
too young to care
fascinated by rooms of smoke and mirrors

Oh how I wish I was a little bit taller
with a voice as loud as the sea
everyday we're closer to a little bit older
as the seasons come and go so do we

Things were different work pulled you away
Life took you to a different place
we were alone and you promised you'd stay
and I know that dreams are hard to come by
and forevers just another mistake
we were alone and full of faith

I watched the leaves change colors
I saw the coastline move
you were the same as I remembered
but we were a different me and you
and you said we must have gotten older
I said you know that that's not true
sometimes the truth hurts but what can you do?
Track Name: A Little Too Late
She had a taste for the finer things and life
She said she wanted more
Went out and bought her a diamond ring
that i guess she wasn't looking for

How was I to know
She left with words unspoken
That she would go
She left me stuck out in the cold
How was I to know

She got a taste of the city life
and I guess she wanted to stay
Still think about her from time to time
I guess I was a little too late

She had a love of the city skyline
She dreamt of seeing New York
I dreamt of waking with her at my side
Instead I found a note on the door

She sent a postcard in the mail from LA
She told me all about the things she does each day
I don't feel i just feel strange
She isn't comin' home but I guess thats okay
Track Name: She's Not Gonna Go
She's something special not just a wannabe
how i wanna be there next to her.
She keeps me busy thinking of all the things
that I wish I could say to her

She's not gonna go
But can you erase the words
Their written on her tongue for anyone that she knows
Yeah everybody knows

She's something different she's got this glow in her eyes
I wonder if she notices mine
I hate to say it oh I just hate to know
that her sweet melody has been heard before

Life ain't easy
Livin it up in New York city.
release me

She's not the one for me. Not even if I tried.
Track Name: California
She swears by the bible
that it has nothing to do with me
I knew there would be trouble
but not enough for you to leave

I said no, not today
I can't live my life on cloudy days like these
with thought unspoken like scattered leaves
So I'll pack my bags and head out west
Wish on a star and hope for the best
singing California

singing California
singing California
California's just a phone call away

She says that it's over
we can't seem to get it right
one step back and one step forward
It's the same thing every night.

I just wanna get out of here
I just wanna get out of the fray
get out of the way
Track Name: Goodbye
It was one missed call
I stayed up all night hoping it was nothing at all
She says it's not your fault

What about trust I saw through you
What about us, you felt it too
What about everything you promised me you'd do
Just tell me the truth girl I know what you do

Well I guess that this is goodbye
Don't tell me you've tried
all along you were wasting my time
I'm fine, I'm fine

It was one missed chance
I guess you forgot about the ring on your hand
She said I don't understand

I'm fine, I'm fine